CW Eye - A procedural material for Blender

Christoph Werner
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  • Blender 3.60 (CW Eye 1.4, Cycles and Eevee)
  • Blender 2.93 (CW Eye 1.4, Cycles version only)
  • Blender 2.83 (CW Eye 1.3)

For Eevee tests please try the 2.0 alpha version, that is included in this package.

Version 1.3 is still included in this package to support 2.83 LTS versions.

Main Features

  • No UV information needed to create eyes
  • Customise iris size, colors and two adjustable pattern styles
  • Add iris shadow, direction and smoothness
  • Customise pupil size and color
  • Customise sclera color and variation
  • Customise veins color, influence and distribution
  • Bumpmap support for veins and complete iris
  • Addtional effects like iris splotches and iris border shadow
  • Fresnel reflection effect and reflection intensity supported
  • Output slots for baking Normalmaps (Tangent normalmap) and Bumpmaps (Greyscale image)

Package includes

  • .blend files
  • Multiple eye example presets. Included in the Blender scene.
  • Renderings of the eye presets

Please do not sell or transfer this shader without my permission. You are allowed to use the shader for your own projects, commercial and free.

By buing this product you support my work to create more cool stuff. :-)

Shader Screenshot

CW Eye in Blender 3.6. Eevee viewport mode. Also Cycles Renderer compatible.

Dozens options to create your eyes

Following some options examples. Much more is possible.

What is new in v2 alpha 1 version?

CW Eye v2 is in progress. For everyone who can't await the upcoming update, I've prepared a special alpha version

Alpha features

  • Completely rebuild for faster feedback
  • New: Cat eyes
  • New: Glass FX

.. more features are in progress, so stay tuned!

Free lifetime updates

All customers gets free lifetime updates for my materials. So if you already own my material, then just log into your customer account and download the new alpha version for testing.

Overview video

Baking tutorial

Tutorial how to use my material to bake the procedural informations into a regular texture.

Example image

Production example


CW Eye is a shader tree material. To use the material in a fresh scene or in your own project just follow this instructions:

1. After the download of CW Eye, unzip the ZIP-file to your preferred folder.

2. In Blender go to the main menu and choose File->Append

3. In the upcoming file browser open your local CW Eye folder and choose the CW Eye .blend file.

4. The .blend file opens and show a scene tree. Click on the Material folder and choose one of the CW Eye presets. For example CW_Eye_Ocean.

5. The CW Eye material is now added into your project and you can assign it to any object via the material tab in the object properties.

If you still have problems to install CW Eye, watch the installation video on my YouTube channel or contact me please.

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You'll get

Blend file with the material
Five ready eye presets


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CW Eye - A procedural material for Blender

5 ratings
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